Are you ready to stop hustling and master your brand?

It’s time to stop being overwhelmed by doing everything on your own and build a brand and a business that maximizes your business value and increases your profits. You know that once you can get the brand clarity, the tools to stand out in a saturated market, and determine your ideal client, you’ll finally develop an emotional connection with your customers, a unique and recognizable brand, and ultimately make more money.
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To see your brand beyond your logo and to learn how to develop your a brand strategy that gets results. 




To attract the right customers.


To increase your prices and to be seen as an expert in your field. 


To build an audience of who actually want to purchase your services.


The Ground Floor Group does an amazing job with all of our projects. They produce creative and purposeful projects. I don’t know what Dymensions Education or Dynette A. Davis for Frisco ISD Trustee Place 4 and everything else would I do without her!! Y’all say hey to the BEST graphic artist on the planet! 

-Dynette Davis, Dymensions Educational. Consulting

Three ways

to work with me!

Master Your Brand

1:1 VIP 12 Week Full Branding Package

Monthly Retainers

Have a designer on your team for an entire month!


MyBrand University

8 Week Group Accelerator Program



Master your Brand

Let’s dig in and see how this all works!

Stop hustling and Master your brand in 12 weeks

Our goal is not to just create your logo or website and send you on your way, but to walk alongside you and put in the work as a team to make your brand amazing! We take care of it all, we sit down and develop your brand strategy and identity, we then move to develop your unique brand design, custom color palette and logo. In the next phase we design your website and plan for your brand launch. 

Phase 1: Brand Strategy

  • Goal Setting

  • Brand Identity 

  • Value Proposition

  • Ideal Client 

  • Messaging 

Phase 2: Brand Design

  • Color Palette

  • Brand Guide 

  • Logo Design

  • Patterns 

Phase 3: Website Design

  • Content Planning/Copywriting 

  • Brand Photoshoot Planning 

  • Website Design

Phase 4: Launch 

  • Social Media Planning 

  • Social Design

  • Brand Launch 

  • Strategy Calls

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

Investment: 4 payments of $1250



Monthly Retainer

A dedicated designer for an entire month

Hire a new member of your team without the commitment! You can hire a professional designer to help with all your design needs and build a long term relationship with someone who already knows your brand. You can use our monthly retainer program for social media designs, website maintenance, upcoming event graphics, print materials and more! 

Investment: Packages begin at $500 per month


Let's face the facts

It’s time to experience the brand you deserve. You’re tired of doing it all on your own. It’s exhausting trying to figure out every aspect of your brand, the strategy, the design, and website; meanwhile trying to serve your audience at the same time. It’s frustrating watching other entrepreneurs on instagram with solid branding and beautiful visuals. It sucks constantly wondering if you will ever level up and be confident in your brand. 

It’s time to invest in YOU. Don’t let another year go by with you still DIYing your branding.

MyBrand University

What's inside: 

Introducing My Brand University: A 8 week Group Accelerator to help you develop a stronger business and brand.

Phase 1: Mindset 

Phase 2: Standing Out 

Phase 3: What’s your story? 

Phase 4: Your Brand Values

Phase 5: Discovering your ideal client 

Phase 6: What do you have to offer? 

Phase 7: Beyond a logo: Brand Design 

Phase 8: Your website

Private Community 

Weekly Strategy Calls

Timeframe: 8 Weeks

Investment: 4 payments of $625


This is for you if...

•You’ve been a solopreneur for way too long. You lack support and it's time for you to have a village to help and support your business needs. 


• There’s just not enough time in the day to work your full-time job, take care of your family, and run your business. It’s time for freedom and to be in a position to quit your 9 to 5.


• You’ve been piecemailing your branding and you’re ready to increase your credibility with a well-designed strategy and effective branding and website. 


• You’re not just building a business for fun, you’re ready to make money and to see your business grow. 


• You realize that everyone is not meant to be your client and you’ve been struggling to identify your ideal client. 


• You’re overwhelmed and struggle with confidence.


• You’re learning everyday that when it comes to your unique business, google doesn’t always have the answers for the help you need. 


• You have a product based business and you’re finding it hard to stand out in a crowded market.

If you said, yessss, to these statements it’s graduation time. 



The Ground Floor Group does an amazing job with all of our projects. They produce creative and purposeful projects. I don’t know what Dymensions Education or Dynette A. Davis for Frisco ISD Trustee Place 4 and everything else would I do without her!! Y’all say hey to the BEST graphic artist on the planet! 

-Dynette Davis, Dymensions Educational. Consulting

Frequently asked questions

Yapılan Dezenfeksiyon Uygulaması Virüslere Karşı Etkilimi ?

Dezenfeksiyon uygulamamız bilinen tüm virüs ve bakterilere karşı etkin bir uygulamadır. Bakteriyel, virüs, mantar(fungus), spor, alg, legionella vb. bilinen zararlı patojenlerde yüksek düzey dezenfektan yapabilen ürün olarak onay almıştır.

Bebekli evler yada Evcil Hayvan beslenen evler için uygunmudur ?

Evet rahatlıkla uygulanmaktadır. Kullanmakta olduğumuz ürünler Sağlık Bakanlı ruhsatlı ve Tarım Gıda Hayvancılık Bakanlığı Onayına Sahiptir. ISO 9001:2008, ISO13485, OHSAS18001, CE, Helal ve GMP Hizmet Yeterlilik Belgelerine Sahiptir. Avrupa ve Amerika Lisanslarına Sahiptir. Alkol, Fenol, Aldehit, Benzen, Fosfat, Toluen, İyot, Amonyum gibi zararlı hiçbir kimyasal ve ağır metaller içermez. Doğaya, İnsanlara, Hayvanlara, Böceklere ve Bitkilere hangi bir zarar vermez.

Uygulama Ne Kadra Sürüyor ?

Bu işlem alanın boyutu ve durumuna göre değişmekle beraber 150-200 M2’ye kadar olan alanlarda en fazla 30 dakika sürüyor.

Koltuk, hali, perde vb diğer eşyalara zarar verir mi ?

ULV cihazıyla, soğuk sisleme yöntemi ile nano boyutta işlem yapıldığı için herhangi bir leke, iz yada kalıntı olmamaktadır.

Nano Gümüş İyon teknolojisi nedir ?

5-150 nanometre boyutlarında olan ürünler, nano teknolojik ürünler diye konumlandırılır. Nano Gümüş iyonlar 5-150 nanometre ebatında olan metalik gümüş taneciklerdir. Gümüş iyonlarının bu duruma gelebilmesi için çok özel bir nano teknolojik işlemler ile elde edilir.

Nerelere Uygulama Yapılmaktadır ?

Ev Dezenfeksiyonu, Ofis Dezenfeksiyonu, Bina Dezenfeksiyonu, Fabrika Dezenfeksiyonu, Üretim Tesisi Dezenfeksiyonu, Okul Dezenfeksiyonu, Ana Okulu Dezenfeksiyonu, Kreş Dezenfeksiyonu, Klinik Dezenfeksiyonu, Muayenehane Dezenfeksiyonu, Otel Dezenfeksiyonu, Restaurant Dezenfeksiyonu, Kafe Dezenfeksiyonu, Güzellik Merkezi Dezenfeksiyonu, Kuaför Salonu Dezenfeksiyonu, Eczane Dezenfeksiyonu, Kuaför Dezenfeksiyonu Market Dezenfeksiyonu, Dizi Seti Dezenfeksiyonu, Film Seti Dezenfeksiyonu, Araç Dezenfeksiyonu, Servis Aracı Dezenfeksiyonu, Otobüs Dezenfeksiyonu, Yat Dezenfeksiyonu, Tekne Dezenfeksiyonu vb tüm kalapalı alanlarda Dezenfeksiyon Uygulaması yapılmaktadır.